Activate the MISSING LINK to your business and money expansion

And do it in the most ALIGNED and SUSTAINABLE way while nurturing your nervous system to be open to RECEIVE more money, recognition, and impact + influence.

Business Expansion Experience is CLOSING SOON.

Don't miss your chance!!

You are the heartbeat of your business, the architect of a vision that is limitless. Yet, beneath the surface of your success, there's a yearning—a call for a deeper connection between your prosperity and your soul's rhythm. It's time to listen, to breathe life into your financial dreams with the transformative practice of Money Breathwork™.

Does this sound like you?

💸You know you have a GIFT, something so incredibly powerful that the world NEEDS, yet something isn't clicking to transcend you into the Big Money Months you know are meant for you.

💸You are the your industry's BEST. KEPT. SECRET. and you are sick and tired of more people not knowing about you, you're done achieving "mediocre-to-you" results.

💸You are a frequent experiencer of the Entrepreneur rollercoaster not only of income, but of emotions and thoughts and it doesn't seem to matter how much money you make.

💸You know something is in your way because you look around and see others "doing it" (insert Big Money Months you desire) and yet you still haven't been able to break through consistently, with sustainability and longevity.

💸You feel like something is blocking you from your next income level and you've done a lot of mindset work, healing, journaling, you name it, and it still isn't clicking.

💸You have days where you question yourself, your business, and EVERYTHING and other days where you are ON FIRE, in your zone, and so lit up with your work.

Your journey to wealth is also a journey within. Without movement, you risk silencing the powerful lessons and revelations that come with financial expansion.

Things can be different.


How encouraging would it be to feel SUPPORTED in your expansion?

There is so much focus on quantum leaping and making money fast, but the reality is, your body and nervous system HAVE TO feel safe to do so. No matter what you will oscillate around your energetic NORMAL. Here in the Business Expansion Experience, we create your NEW NORMAL, a normal that is supported by your nervous system, a normal that your bank account is IN. LOVE with, and a normal that allows you to FINALLY live your life the way it is meant to be lived.

How empowering would it be if you felt so SURE of who you are, where you are going, and what is meant for you?

The MAIN goal of the Business Expansion Experience is to find your voice in a way you never have before. This results in showing up more powerfully in your business (not necessarily "more"), but taking up more energetic space with your magnetism. You receive more clarity on their packages, and programs, and who you are meant to BE in the industry. The end result is an UNWAVERING BELIEF in the fact that Big Money Months are not only MEANT for them, but they are ON. THEIR. WAY. meaning you quickly become a magnet for aligned, ideal clients AND more money landing in your bank account.

How validating would it be to finally become "one of them"? You know, those in your industry, just as talented as you are, making the Big Money Months you CRAVE.

Step into the Spotlight. Take the stage. Be seen, heard, and VALUED more than you ever have before. The Business Expansion Experience is designed for the WHOLE BUSINESS (and YOU) expansion. #moneybreathwork is in complete alignment with the daily trajectory of your business, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it, so that you can claim your spot at the TOP.

I know what you're thinking.

That sounds great Alessandra, but it feels like I'm missing something. I feel like I am on the CUSP of my next big money month and yet, I'm not quite there yet.

I feel like there is this secret to the leap I desire to take. Like those that are living the $50k, $100k, $200k months know something that I don't.

You're stuck in the cycle of expanding and contracting, the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, knowing that you are meant for more, meant for the Big Money Months, yet something is holding you back.

You feel like you are constantly on the cusp of something bigger.

You have power within you. You know that you have gifts that are meant to be shared. You're one of the "good" ones in an industry that is sometimes consumed by ego and shadow. You don't just WANT a business that thrives. You NEED it. Your soul NEEDS it. You are meant to change lives. You are meant to make an impact and have a ripple effect that reaches thousands and hundreds of thousands, and even MILLIONS. You NEED your business to be BIG, huge. Not out of neediness or a place of lack. But out of sheer, THIS IS WHAT MY SOUL IS MEANT FOR, need.

And you're ready and committed to doing something about it.

You've decided you're going to do something different.

I want to let you in on a little secret...

I have what you've been missing.

The "secret" you've been missing is Money Breathwork™.

Money Breathwork is the ONLY tool that integrates ALL parts of you, targets the EXACT thing that's holding you back, and ILLUMINATES the light on your path.

Money Breathwork is your key to accessing your next level of life, income, and impact. Money Breathwork™ isn't just about the money. It's about what LEADS you to the money. It's about ALL of you, all parts, not just money mindset, but ALL parts of business. In order to step into BEING the woman who makes Big Money Months, you have to bring out your BIGNESS, you have to develop a soulful relationship with sales, you have embrace your love of money, AND you've got to have your BODY on board (once your body is on board, your mind will follow, and the strategy is revealed).

It is the BEST way to creating a business that not only brings in Big Money Months, but that feeds your SOUL, lights you up, and provides the BEST results for your clients.

Those that breathe + take aligned action GET. RESULTS. with Money Breathwork

Here are just a few examples for you below...

$10k in 10 days and becoming a leader in her niche

Watch to hear Kierra's experience with Money Breathwork.

Hit Launch Goal +
$10k+ months

Watch to hear about Visa's journey with Money Breathwork ™ .

Left her job of 10 years and Confident AF

Watch to hear Tysons's journey with Money Breathwork.

A total value of: $71,110

Want to join those testimonials?

Doors are NOW OPEN.

For a limited time only.

Payment Plans available!

There is ONLY ONE place to experience the MAGIC of Money Breathwork...

The Business Expansion Experience!

This experience brings that gives you everything you need to start, grow and scale a business you LOVE.

Nervous System Regulation so that you can HOLD more money, more clients, and the quantum leaps that follow.

Money Mindset so that you heal your relationship with money at every level and expand into new realms with money. Visibility and BIGNESS so that you own your bigness and show up consistently and powerfully. Magnetism and Sales so that you attract your ideal, soulmate clients in a way that feels GOOD. Embracing your fullest Self Expression so that you can magnify your message. Remembering who you are so that you can take BIG, targeted action and be seen, be heard, and be valued. You get everything you need to master the energetics of letting your soul lead you towards your Big Money Months and the immense impact you are called to have.

Now I'm about to show you everything that is inside the Business Expansion Experience. It's about to blow your mind a bit, because yes, everything IS included, but there is something really important that you know first....

Your Personalized Path to Expansion is inside.

There are over 250+ breathworks inside the Business Expansion Experience. I use these same breathworks for my private clients who are making multi-6 figures and millions. I personally breathe these nearly every day. There is almost a breathwork for everything that you need. [I only say almost because I am continuously evolving and making more!] When you join the Business Expansion Experience you have the opportunity to receive a curated path through these breathworks. Wherever you are right now, there is a breathwork for that. Wherever you want to go, there is a breathwork for that. No one-size fits all. All you have to do is ask and you will receive your next opportunity for expansion.

When you join... You get 6 OR 12-month access to these core programs:


Money Magnet

Money Magnet is a program to heal, deepen, and expand your relationship with money. It is turning up the dial on your money magnetism with your soul, your heart, your You-ness being the core piece. We unlock and reveal the money traumas holding your magnetism hostage and transmute them into pure possibility. Money Magnet currently has 70+ breathworks all deep-diving into the energetics of money and wealth magnetism + creation.

Money Magnet also has THREE Accelerators:

Healed, Expanded, Elevated These are goal-specific curated paths through the MM breathworks.

Value: $9999


Being Big

Being Big targets and heals your Armors of Smallness, the limiting beliefs and programs that block your bigness and EXPANDS you, ACTIVATES you into your next iteration of BIGNESS. It is not about doing more, it is about claiming your space and magnifying your energetic pull on your ideal clients, on money, on business expansion through your powerful, heart-centered, soul-centered visibility. This is THE visibility and mindset program. Pulling the strategy out of you, not telling you what to do, but letting your soul lead. It’s time to OWN your bigness. 

Value: $8888


Sales Alchemy

Activate your magnetism in your sales. Soul-centered launching, pricing, and messaging that feels GOOD and flows so easily. Fall in love with sales YOUR WAY. Design your offers straight from source, your SOUL. Step into embodiment of your work on the next level so “send me the link” is your new favorite (and most common) message in your inbox. This is the magic of Sales Alchemy.  Start with PHASE 1 if you desire the foundations of what to sell and how. move onto PHASE 2 when you are ready to AMPLIFY and SCALE your sales.

Value: $7777

Want to see more droolworthy results??

You'll also have access to these expansive resources...


2-3 LIVE Breathwork Workshops/week

As you have read, to see your BEST and FASTEST results, I recommend doing #moneybreathwork meditative sessions 2-3 times a week. I have designed this program to give you this opportunity LIVE (with the exception of one week a month). The breathworks will be a combination of the current LIVE program, continuation modules, and Workshops and will be a combo of integratives (short), mini-meds (medium), and meditative (long) sessions.

Value: $11,111


Private Community + Coaching/Support Access

We also have a powerful community where you can not only post your breakthroughs and get support, but you can also ask for guidance and coaching. I recommend popping into the group at least ONCE a week and discussing where you currently are, your current struggles, and where you'd like to expand. I can then point you to the perfect module for you throughout our vault. We can create your OWN PERSONAL ROADMAP towards your business expansion. On our week off this is particularly important, and I can help you choose 2-3 breathwork experiences that will keep you MOVING.

Value: $5555


The Money Breathwork On-Demand Vault

All programs and replays are instantly uploaded into your vault. Everything is organized and categorized for you to find and navigate easily. This is where you want to hang out (other than the live calls). You get INSTANT ACCESS to your on-demand vault as soon as you sign up, meaning ALL PROGRAMS become available to you. There are over 250+ targeted business expansion breathworks available INSTANTLY.

Value: $1111


Monthly Community Collaboration Calls

Every Month you have the opportunity to not only network with others in the program [although this is always happening], you get to present what you are working on that month and give an ask - whether that is for visibility collaborations, referrals, participants in your events. You get to ask for what you need to not only grow your business, but step into your bigness.

Value: $2222


Monthly Collaboration Breathwork Workshops

Each month we will get together as a group and co-create a group breathwork based on what is needed in that moment. These are SUPER fun and powerful as it is a culmination of the group energy and expansion TOGETHER.

Value: $2222


Monthly Targeted Workshops PLUS Full Workshop LIBRARY

Every month there is a brand-new workshop released. These workshops range from one day to five days and are targeted to specific leaps you want to make in your business and life. They are designed to be used multiple times throughout the year, you will want to keep revisiting them!

Value: $9999


The Upgrade Codes

Download your upgrade codes directly from your soul and the universe. Shed your previous identity and step into your SOUL identity. Embody your bigness and illuminate your path. This is to be used over and over again monthly to heal, expand, integrate/embody, and find safety to compound your expansion. These are YOUR specific upgrade codes. The secret from your soul. Your co-creation with the universe to uplevel into your most authentic self and become a magnet for your desires in life and business. Powerful activations + integrative breathwork + meditative breathworks.

Value: $555

Big Money Months

Calibrate yourself to Big Money Months. Get introduced to the Big Money Months Method and activate your New Normal. Grow in awareness of your Armors of Smallness and shed the one thing that's holding you back right now from showing up in your bigness. Access your belief, release what's been blocking your success, and become a magnet for money and ideal clients.

Value: $777


In life and business, you take many brave leaps. And sometimes you pass up leaps because they feel too big. This workshop is about being brave, about finding your courage, about acting on your courage, about remembering who you are IN your courage, and leading yourself. Big leaps aren’t as scary with a regulated nervous system. You also tend to stick the landing. You are meant to be brave. You are meant to do brave things. You are meant to be BIG in your bravery and light the path for others to do the same. Use this workshop again and again when you desire to take a big leap, when you need to access that courage. Bravery compounded leads to an extraordinary life. Use this workshop to create your masterpiece life. 

Value: $555

Send Me The Link

You want to make more sales to the RIGHT customers and clients. You want to know what to say and how to say it. You want to access the realms of possibility and potentiality.

You want more people in your inbox saying "SEND. ME. THE. LINK."

Based on our most popular breathwork inside Sales Alchemy, The Send Me The Link workshop walks you through the most important components to receive that highly coveted phrase in your inbox on the daily.

Value: $555

Regulated to Receive

So much of money magnetism has to do with your ability to actually RECEIVE. The more you can calibrate and regulate your nervous system not only to receive what you want, but to continue receiving MORE and allowing MORE, you get to actually GET. IT. In this workshop, you raise your thermostat to receive and assume your Wealthy Woman Identity.

Value: $777

Money Breathwork

This is the Money Breathwork Signature experience, giving you the depth of knowledge of Money Breathwork, why it works, and why compounded money breakthrough will change your life. Learn and experience the secret to Money manifestation and become magnetic with multiple breathwork journeys.

Value: $777


Step into your fullest self-expression. A program based on deep self love, self acceptance, worthiness, and deservingness. Learn the song of your soul and maybe it’s different than you thought it was. Become the woman you already ARE, fully self expressed, fully exposed in all your magic. Finally show the world WHO. YOU. ARE. and have the confidence and nervous system regulation to OWN it.
This will be a 5-7 day event with both integrative and meditative sessions. We will be doing inner child work, finding your Authentic Code, connecting to your Future self and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Value: $1111

The Cusp

You've probably said it before: I'm on the cusp of something BIG. And the truth is... YOU ARE. The Cusp workshop is designed to move you OFF the cusp and into your next iteration of growth and evolution.

Value: $777


You need to remember who you are, who you’ve always been, and who you are meant to be right now (not in the future). This workshop is about clearing all the weight you’ve been carrying that has disguised who you are, that has shadowed who you are, and kept you small. We will go on a journey of uncovering and remembering, finding safety to release what you have been holding and carrying for lifetimes, and step into who you are. This workshop is meant to be used when you forget. When you doubt yourself. When you are scared and fearful of the next big step. When you are staying small and believing that you are meant to be small. Use this workshop monthly, daily (the integrative sessions are best for this), or when needed as no matter where you are in your life and business, there is always more to uncover and remember.

Value: $333


Expander Programs

Periodically I think of really fun ideas where I want to create a program. They might not fit into the business expansion category of core programs/modules, but they are super fun, expansive, and can be used in different ways. These will be introduced a couple times a year. Motherhood, Leadership and Personal Development/Deserve to Thrive programs are coming.

Value: $4444


Moon Magic

Tap into the energy of the 8 moon cycles. A meditative and integrative breathwork (minimum) for each moon phase to drop you into oneness with the energy and movement of the moon syncing yourself up with its power and transformational qualities.

Manifest with Money Breathwork

Learn how to use Money breathwork to manifest everything that you desire. Inside you get the 3-part process to manifesting using your body and your breath. You receive DAILY integrative sessions that are already blowing people's minds! And a bedtime breathwork! PLUS a 21-Day Manifest with Money Breathwork Challenge!


Accepting the Universal Assignment

The Money Forecast

Value: $4444


30-Day Accelerators

We have FOUR curated 30-Day experiences currently. One will run in January (Momentum), another in April (Launched) and another in October (Be Seen). These accelerators are designed to move you FAST in a business goal and to integrate the #moneybreathwork into ONE experience. These accelerators would be $1555 EACH and are EXCLUSIVE to the Business Expansion Experience (they will not be sold separately).

Other Accelerators:


Value: $6666



30 days of curated breathwork and journaling DEEP WORK to set your foundation for your best year YET. So that you...Step into your BIGNESS in the next year. Claim your space and serve MORE. Grow your bank account to mirror your IMPACT. This is the best place to START to get a taste of all the programs, create your foundations with Money Breathwork, and launch your next level.


This is your CASH INFUSION accelerator. Get your offer out there and SELLING in the next 30 days. It is curated to create a launch plan for your new [or NEXT] idea (or if you are already selling something you will be able to access next level magnetism) so that you can jumpstart the FLOW OF MONEY. If you are desiring to bring more money in the next 30 days, THIS is THE program for that. You not only have access to the Launch in 30 day-by-day strategy program that I have used for $50k+ launches, but you have a daily breathwork specifically chosen to give you your best launch yet.

I know this is already so juicy...

But I have one more INSANE BONUS for you.


The Booked Out Business - Business Strategy Library

For the past almost four years, I have exclusively been a business strategist. It is my JAM to talk strategy. Over the years, I have created an extensive body of work that includes the business strategy needed to start, grow, and scale your business. This includes my signature programs Booked Out Business, Launch in 30, and Automation Academy, as well as smaller programs on Visibility, Cash Injection, and Live Video.

Value: $11,1111

Ok ok... ONE more BONUS.

This is ONLY a bonus for this opening and will become an add-on.

The Breath Codes - Breathworker Certification

Know you want to spread the power of breathwork and add it to your current business? YES. I have THE certification for you. It's not like ANY certification I have seen yet. It helps you grow your business WHILE you are getting certified. I guide you to make assets in your business from DAY ONE while you are learning to find your own flow and style with breathwork. As a former therapist, this is a trauma-informed certification and I provide supervision and support you the entire way.

Value: $7777 [This will be an Add-on of $3333 when it opens again]

Watch Below to see the power of Money Breathwork

Hitting her highest months yet

Watch to hear about Sarah's journey with Money Breathwork ™.

Consistent $10k Months that STICK

Watch to hear about Rhonda's journey with Money Breathwork ™.

A total value of: $71,110

Business Expansion Experience is a SIX MONTH EXPERIENCE.

Doors are NOW OPEN for a LIMITED TIME.

This is a 6-MONTH Commitment. Additional Payment Plans available! SAVE BIG when you pay in full.

Still deciding? Here's some more...

Taking Targeted Action, manifesting leads, and feeling better than ever

Watch to hear Jenn's experience with Money Breathwork.

Still wondering if Money Breathwork will work for you?

100% Results Guaranteed

If you Join and you’re you don't make your money back over the next 6 months, here's what we will do...

My mission is for your business to grow. Your business growing is a reflection of you getting your SOUL WORK out into the world and getting PAID for it. So if you show up, do the work, you come to live workshops, you participate in the group, you breathe between live workshops, you complete all programs and STILL (I honestly DO NOT see this happening) don't cover your investment (aka make your money back), you will KEEP ACCESS until you do. This implies that you are taking the actions that you receive during the breathwork. Money Breathwork on it's own is not enough. You must be letting it guide your MOVES.

Wondering if this is for you? Take a look at these...

100% Rate of Yeses in Consultations + attracting aligned clients

Watch to hear about Sarah's journey with Money Breathwork ™.

Best Months Yet with Ease and Flow

Watch to hear Jess's experience with Money Breathwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best results with Money Breathwork?

1) get the targeted breathwork for you (sometimes this requires coaching + posting in the group) 2) Breathe [obviously], 3) take the aligned actions that come through during the breathwork and 4) Repeat. The best results come when you compound, not only for your body and your nervous system, but for your business and bank account as well.

Do I receive 1:1 access to Alessandra?

The access you get to Alessandra is both on the LIVE calls and inside the Facebook group. The more you participate, the more coaching and insight you will receive.

What time are the LIVE calls?

The live call times vary but are often in the morning MST or PST time between 9am-12pm. (Alessandra lives in Arizona which does not participate in daylight savings so half the year is PST and half the year MST). There are occasionally calls in the afternoon when needed, but they are typically in the morning.

How can you say you have a 100% success rate with Money Breathwork?

Money Breathwork is not just the breathwork. To actually say you are doing Money Breathwork, you 1) get the targeted breathwork for you (sometimes this requires coaching) 2) Breathe [obviously], 3) take the aligned actions that come through during the breathwork and 4) Repeat. Money Breathwork is equal parts energetics and strategy. Those that follow these three steps, GET RESULTS. Every single one of them. Yes. 100%. So if you want results, like if you actually want things to change, and you follow those above steps, you will make more money than you were when you started. Guaranteed.

I don't have a lot of time, will this still work for me?

We have shorter breathworks that are still really powerful. The only thing I would say is you do need to commit to it. You can do it with only 12-15 minutes a day (and even a few times a week). Do you have that time? Or are you willing to make the time? I am a mom of 4 kids. I ALSO do not have a lot of time, but I find the time to do it. I find the time to show up because I know it works. You bring your commitment, you can find the time. Also, do not put the pressure on attending live if you just don’t have the time. The workshops are all spliced up in the dashboard so you can go straight to the breathworks. Meditative sessions are around 30 minutes, mini-meds are 15 minutes, and integratives are 12ish minutes.

How do I find the time to do it? I already have so many other commitments?

You integrate it into one of your routines. If you have a morning routine, add it. Bedtime routine, add it. No routine, well, maybe it’s time to make one. If you deem it important, you WILL do it. But you have to decide whether or not it’s important to you. Many of my clients experience a noticeable difference in many areas of their lives when they do breathwork, so they find the time even when they are busy. Honestly, we are all busy. We are entrepreneurs, who have families, and hobbies, and things we want to do. Don’t let that be an excuse for you not doing the thing that actually moves you forward. 

Why is it for 6 months?

The Business Expansion Experience and Money Breathwork isn't a quick fix, although you will most likely start seeing results very quickly depending on where you are currently in your business. It is designed to become a lifestyle and meant to be compounded. We don't just stop at one breakthrough, we go for the next evolution. Our goal with Money Breathwork and the Business Expansion Experience is that you don't recognize your business AND yourself in a year. We have an 80%+ continuation rate, our people just don't want to stop!

What if I've never done breathwork before?

If you’ve never done breathwork before, I would suggest attending one of my free or low-cost events or access the free access to the Money Breathwork signature program at I don’t want you committing to a program and space where breathwork is the center and never have experienced it yet. UNLESS you have been called over and over again to it and you just need to commit. COME ON IN. You will love it.

How often should I do breathwork?

I recommend doing 1-2 meditative sessions per week when you are starting out and then moving to 2-3 when you can. Meditative sessions are around 30ish minutes. We also have short 12 minute integratives that you can do at any point during the day. Many find their favorite ones and do them continually. We also have bedtime breathworks!

This is a lot. I tend to fall behind in programs. How do I even start?

What I recommend is this, when you join, hop into the group and immediately put the live calls on your calendar to prioritize those. Then reflect on where you currently are in your business and where you desire help. Write a post in the group so I can identify the breathwork that would be most helpful in this area. You keep doing that, you'll get exactly what you need.

Breathwork is intense. Do I have to do it every day to get the results you speak about?

You do not have to do meditative (or integrative) breathwork every day to get results. I recommend 2-3 times per week for meditative sessions and peppering in integrative sessions as you go. If all you have time for is 1 or 2 per week, that will STILL move you forward and be highly beneficial to you.

What if I don't like breathwork?

Then this space is honestly not for you. Every program is breathwork based. There is a lot of teaching and deep-dive journaling, but the programs are designed around breathwork. If you don’t like it, you won’t do it, and you won’t get the results that this experience promises. So you will be disappointed. And I will be disappointed. No one needs to be disappointed so don’t force yourself into any shoulds. Find the modality that fits you the best. If it’s not breathwork, that’s ok!

Is there strategy coaching included?

As you will have access to the Booked Out Business Library, you will have the opportunity to ask questions inside the group. Many breathwork breakthroughs also lead to strategy questions, so sometimes there will be strategy coaching before or after breathwork during workshops. You are free to post questions inside the Facebook group. I love answering strategy questions and happy to coach you through launches, creating programs, business structure, automation, etc.

When do I get access to the vault?

Instantly. You get access to all past recorded programs instantly upon registration and can begin diving in right away!

I've invested in a lot of programs before, how is this different?

If you’ve invested in a lot of programs and have not seen the results that you are wanting, there could be a few things happening. One, you haven’t been implementing the way that you want. Money Breathwork helps with that. Two, you haven’t been energetically aligned with the strategies and what you HAVE been doing. Money Breathwork will help with that. And three, maybe you’ve been investing from the place of need or should. Money Breathwork is different because it gets you out of your own way so you just do the dang thing already. The container is set up for your personalized expansion. It is not a one-size fits all. You dictate the results you get by curating it to what you need. 
The Business Expansion Experience is just inherently different than any other program you’ve joined because there’s nothing like it. My advice: if you feel the shifts and breakthroughs when you do my free stuff, you are going to continue and amplify them when you join BEE. It’s just what happens.

I'm past 6-figures, will this help me?

My clients who have built the foundations to their business get the fastest results, so if you are past 6-figures and you want to grow into mulit-6 figures, this is literally the BEST place to be. We have members having $30k months, $75k months, and beyond and when they started they were around the 6-figure mark, maybe even lower. 

I'm just starting, will this help me?

The BEST results do come when you have started and have some consistency in your business, but what I do see, is when you take the actions that reveal to you during Money Breathwork, and you compound those actions, you do get results. You will make more money than you are making right now! So even if you don’t have your business idea yet, it will come through compounding this work. If you haven’t been selling your offer or haven’t had any sales yet, but you have one, you will get results. 

I am committed to other programs already. Will this open up again?

Yes it will, but what I will say is this, if you’re here right now, this is for you. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want it. And if you want it, and you can see how this will change your life and business, don’t wait. A lot of people come to me who want to wait for various reasons, and what happens is when it does open again in 6 months or so, they are in the same place they were when they said no. Do you want to be in the same place in 6 months? No you don’t. 

A $71,101 VALUE

The Business Expansion Experience

  • CORE PILLAR: Money Magnet (VALUE $7777) + Accelerators

  • CORE PILLAR: Being Big (VALUE $7777)

  • CORE PILLAR: Sales Alchemy (VALUE $7777)

  • 2-3 LIVE Breathwork Workshops per week ($11,1111)

  • Private Community + Coaching Support (VALUE $5555)

  • The BREAKTHROUGH Membership (VALUE $3333)

  • The Upgrade Codes Workshop (VALUE $555)

  • Big Money Months Workshop (VALUE $777)

  • Brave Workshop (VALUE $555)

  • Expressed Workshop (VALUE $1111)

  • THREE 30-Day Accelerators (VALUE $6666)

  • Momentum Accelerator (VALUE $2222)

  • Launched Accelerator (VALUE $2222)

  • BE SEEN Accelerator (VALUE $2222)

  • Moon Magic (VALUE $1111)

  • Remembered Workshop (VALUE $555)

  • The Cusp Workshop (VALUE $555)

  • 10x Workshop (VALUE $888)

  • Genius Workshop (VALUE $555)

  • Send Me the Link (Value $333)

  • The Breathwork Vault (VALUE $1111)

  • BONUS: The Booked Out Business - Business Strategy Library (VALUE $11,111)

  • EXPIRING BONUS: The Breath Codes Breathworker Certification (VALUE $7777)

A total value of: $71,110

Price is raising soon!

Join now!

The vault is constantly growing based on what YOU need.

This is a 6-MONTH commitment. Payment Plans available!

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